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Termite Treatment

Thorough Termite Treatment & Wood Repair

Keep your house termite free with our termite treatment services. At McMaster Termite in Pico Rivera, California, we assure complete termite treatment that rids your home of those pesky termites. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Fumigation Services

Stay termite free with our fumigation services. To rid your house of termites, our skilled fumigators cover your home to eliminate them. By removing the termites from your property, we are stopping any further damage to your home's wood structure. The minimum cost for our fumigation services is $500.00.

Local Termite Treatments

When fumigation isn't required, local termite treatments are provided. These treatments are specifically for smaller infestations. This affordable service will successfully eradicate the termites to stop the growing infestation.


Contact us today for highly skilled fumigators who will get your home termite free in no time with our fantastic fumigation services.